• My baby and I have established a comfortable and tender breastfeeding relationship. I breastfeed on demand and don’t give it much more thought than that. He’s gaining weight beautifully, and I’ve regained trust in my body and instincts. Thank you for your support, expert advice, and kindness. It made all the difference.

  • Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of working with Melissa at Luna Lactation. I called her on a Monday morning, nearly crying because of issues with breastfeeding my four week old, and she immediately called back and we were able to set up a virtual consultation for that afternoon. Even though our meetings have all been via video, they have been beyond helpful in helping me get back on a path to success with my little one. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and by exchanging videos, photos, texts, and even picking up feeding tools and supplements from her office (while maintaining social distancing), we have had a great experience and I can’t recommend her strongly enough. Even in times where virtual meetings may be necessary or convenient, Melissa provides exceptional, responsive, and caring service!

  • We were in a state of complete confusion and feeling desperate when we finally called Melissa on recommendation. She made time to come right over, sensing the urgency of our situation– our 2 week old could not draw milk from me on his own, and I had lost my supply and had been told I would have to pump and supplement indefinitely by two hospital associated lactation consultants. Melissa saw, in that first visit, the complexities of our situation, and made recommendations on how to solve them. By following her recommendations I was able to , in a short time, reestablished my milk supply, remedy the baby’s physical limitations with the appropriate treatments, and transition to breastfeeding only. I felt so empowered and relieved. Melissa has many wonderful attributes– she is friendly and very caring, solution driven, a great communicator, incredibly observant, and seems to honestly invest herself in her clients’ outcomes. If not for Melissa, I have no idea where we would be!

    M.L. (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa is the only person I ever went to that gave me breakthrough answers. I’d seen various medical “specialists” ranging from pediatricians to lactation consultants and even a tongue doctor but they provided no answers of hope for my nursing challenges. Turned out my son had a very obvious tongue and lip tie, which no one caught, except Melissa. She got us on the fast track to him being able to nurse again and exclusively so that I didn’t have to supplement anymore!

  • Thank you so much for always being thorough and having amazing follow ups…I think you did a wonderful job… I recommended you to another twin mom who was having latching issues.

    T.P. (Portland, OR)
  • I loved my visit with Melissa. She’s very knowledgeable, she acts like a specialist, and you can tell she’s very research based yet completely took my feelings of what is happening into account. She’s ideally what every IBCLC should be. Can we clone her??!! I’m already referring friends to her. After 6 weeks of recovery with a tongue tie baby I felt I was making little headway and wanted a second opinion as I got some red flags from another IBCLC. Going to Melissa was a breath of fresh air.

  • You are our nursing fairy…thank you so very much for your help. You are an amazing lactation consultant.

    A.V (Portland, OR)
  • My sweetheart and I call Melissa the ‘kung fu master of lactation consultants!’ She helped us through a very trying beginning with breastfeeding, but now it’s all going wonderfully, thanks to her patience, persistence and faith. We love Luna Lactation!

    L.V. (Portland, OR)
  • When I was nearing the end of pregnancy with my daughter I began to feel anxious about nursing and had so many questions: how, when, how long, pumping, going back to work, etc….” With all the changes ahead I knew I needed to get my questions answered. I called Melissa and she so graciously came to me, such a relief to talk and interact in the comfort of my own home. With a doll we practiced nursing positions, latching, and then talked about my concerns, fears, and excitement. In addition to the hands on practice, she left me with reading material, supportive breastfeeding websites, and her confident voice to call anytime I needed one-on-one help or advice, what a relief! My daughter is almost 11 months old, and with the helpful professional support provided by Melissa, my daughter loves to nurse and I am still in love with breastfeeding. Everyday I feel blessed to be able to provide my daughter with the immune support and amazing nutritional benefits through a one of a kind loving gift, my breastmilk.

    K.C.(Vancouver, WA)
  • If it weren’t for your consistent encouragement on our breastfeeding journey my son and I would not be breastfeeding at all. And to think what I would have missed out on, not to mention the health and numerous benefits to my son! You are very gifted and we will forever be grateful for your time, energy, gentle coaching, professional attitude, availability, creativity, flexibilty and endless knowledge-did I mention your passion for this special bond between mom and baby?

    J.S (Vancouver, WA)
  • Melissa thank you so much for all you have done. I was so on the verge of giving up and now things are going so much better. I really am feeling like I can do this now. We are still bumpy but a thousand miles from where we were. I was so afraid I was going not be able to breast feed and was so afraid of the formula. Thank you…you do great work and I appreciate how much you have done over the top for us.

    S.D. (Vancouver, WA)
  • If I could pick two words to describe Melissa Cole and her way of working with people, I would choose gentle and thorough. I have worked with Melissa on several occasions, each time amazed at how spot on she was with her suggestions as well as how thorough she was in getting the information she needed before giving her suggestions. Many many people can talk about how wonderful she is as a lactation consultant. I can too. I’d like to review specifically Melissa’s abilities as an herbalist. I went to her with a list of annoying symptoms that I couldn’t get to the bottom of with everything I had tried over the last few years. I contacted Melissa and made an appointment because I knew I could trust her and I knew she had experience that could potentially help me. I was amazed, not shocked, amazed. I knew she was well researched and thorough, through working with her and my baby’s issues. Her diagnosis were backed up by the tests we ordered to the “t.” I was sitting in her office explaining what was going on and she said, I think you have this, this and this… and she was spot on with tests to prove it. Because of her help, I am taking the right stuff finally and I am doing so, so, so much better. She always coats everything she does in encouragement, is never hurried and is so thorough. I am so grateful.

    C.S. (Vancouver, WA)
  • It was so great meeting with you! I left with a whole new perspective and an attitude of I can do this! Already making more milk! The pump is working great. I am able to self express. Thank you for teaching me. You are a wealth of information in many areas and a highly effective teacher. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the whole picture and helping with suggestions that will benefit my entire family… I learned a great deal!

    S.B. (Portland, OR)
  • As a pregnant mama, I didn’t give a thought to the “how to of breastfeeding”. I was sold on breast milk and had no plans for any other method of nourishing my baby…Turns out it wasn’t that simple for us in the beginning… Laura Dunn, IBCLC, concluded that we had a possible tongue tie issue and referred us to Melissa Cole a lactation consultant in the Vancouver/Portland area. ..Melissa has worked with a number of tongue tie cases and helped us meet this challenge by confirming the tongue tie and referring us to an ENT that would perform the clipping…Melissa taught us how to do oral exercises and re-train Meara’s tongue for breastfeeding…Laura and Melissa worked together in harmony with us to meet our ultimate goal of exclusive breastfeeding…Both Laura and Melissa provided valuable emotional and practical support via email and phone contact…This journey was not easy. I shed many tears and we worked very hard together. Without the support of my husband and sister and the help from our midwife and lactation consultants we wouldn’t have achieved this goal. I’ve found that often times the most difficult things in life are the most rewarding. This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and I’ve done many difficult things. I can honestly say it’s also been THE MOST REWARDING! I am so thankful to be able to provide my baby with the best nutrition and to share the sweetest moments bonding with her. Patricia, Laura and Melissa, thank you for working together so beautifully and helping us reach our goal! Meara and I love breastfeeding! ” (read Mandy’s full story )

    M.G, McMinnville (OR)
  • As soon as I came home from the hospital… Melissa Cole, from Luna Lactation, came to my home… I do not know how I would have gotten through those first few weeks after losing Rowan without her expertise and support.”  (To read Laurinda’s full story, “Rowan’s Milk”, on lactation after infant loss click here.)

    Laurinda Reddig (Camas, WA)
  • Thank you again so much for your help establishing effective breastfeeding techniques and for giving me the confidence to exclusively breastfeed. We had such a positive experience with you and the tools and advice you gave us was exactly what we needed!

    J.H. (Portland, OR)
  • I have to tell you, I am so grateful to have been referred to you, your support has made all the difference in the world and we’re all less stressed now that Amelia can just latch right on and nurse!

    A.K (Vancouver, WA)
  • Melissa was a god send!! I had my baby two weeks early and she decided she wanted to sleep until her estimated due date. I could not get her to eat enough and at her 3 day midwife visit she had lost more than 10% of her birth weight. I had made a commitment to breasfeeding but was at a loss when it came to giving my baby enough to eat. I was a sleep deprived first time mother that was terrified I was starving my baby. I thought I could do it on my own but quickly realized I needed help. My midwives recommended Melissa and I called her one morning in tears. She was at my house ready to help just a couple hours later.Her time spent with me was the best money I spent since having my baby. She put my mind at ease and gave me back my confidence. She stayed with me until I felt sure of my ability to breastfeed and she covered all the bases. She examined my daughter and me and made sure there was no physical reason we were having issues. She showed me how to help my baby latch and she showed me how to put together and use my breast pump and was able to supply me with some accessories I needed. She was sweet and understanding and incredibly empathetic. She had all sorts of advice and tips that I have used since. I also felt like I could call her with any questions and she was able to continue helping me over the phone with questions that popped up later.I have been able to exclusively breastfeed and my daughter is up to a very healthy weight and thriving. I have recommended Melissa to my friends who are new moms and she had been able to help them as well. I am so grateful to be able to breastfeed my daughter and I really enjoy it now. It has been so important for her health and is a wonderful way to bond. I can’t thank Melissa enough for her skill and compassion.

    J.H (Portland, OR)
  • As always, thank you so much for your dedication and support for Leilani and I. We would not have come as far as we have without your guidance and encouragement. I am so grateful!

    M.A (Portland, OR)
  • You are a miracle worker and we can’t thank you enough!

    M.S. (Hillsboro, OR)
  • Thank you for such a wonderful visit and the time spent with you. After we left, I saw an immediate difference with Piper and I, honestly the next feeding… she latched on wonderfully…I felt so great about that feeding and our visit, that you had opened this door of really reading her cues….Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! … I never felt like breastfeeding was as enjoyable and smooth as it could be and I knew I wasn’t getting something, thinking it was something wrong on my end or something I was missing…Now, I just feel like I understand so much more clearly …and she seems even happier and feeding fully

    A.B. (Brush Prairie, WA)
  • I’m happy to say that this is the first week where breastfeeding doesn’t hurt. I wanted to thank you for your support…I used a lot of your tips…Thank you for all that you do for mothers out there. Just knowing that breastfeeding is a difficult process for a lot of people helped me buck up and become stronger. Somehow knowing I wasn’t alone in suffering helped me to focus on other aspects of breastfeeding that were working. Thanks again, and take care! You do fabulous work.

    M.V. (Portland,OR)
  • Thank you so much for continuing to check in with me. Your care and concerns means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough for your help. You really helped turn things around for me. I was so anxious and really struggling with breastfeeding. Since your visit, I feel much more free to try new things (we’ve finally made it out of the house and I’ve breastfeed in public) and I feel much more confident. What you do is so valuable and your skills and talents truly made a difference in my life – thank you.

    N.S (Portland, OR)
  • I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us. I hate to think this, but I’m almost certain I would have given up along the way without your encouragement. It means so much to me we have a great breastfeeding relationship now.

    E.G (Portland, OR)
  • Throughout my entire pregnancy I knew I would breastfeed, my mom had breastfed all three of her children with ease so I had no doubt in my mind that all would go smoothly. Then my baby was born and had trouble staying latched on for more than a minute or two here and there. After she lost more weight than she should have her first four days, my midwife referred me to Melissa Cole. She came to our house the same day I talked to her and was beyond helpful. She helped us work out a plan that would begin correcting a couple of problems we were having and stayed until everyone felt comfortable in what they needed to do. Following her recommendations, my baby began gaining weight. It had been my goal for my baby to only have breast milk and Melissa helped me achieve that goal. The struggles we had to work through the first couple of months were difficult, but Melissa was there every step of the way to provide support and cheer us on. Her confidence in us helped me to have confidence that we could get through it. Every piece of advice she has given us has been wonderful. I could never thank her enough for the help she has given us, it has led to such an amazing nursing relationship and nothing could be better for us!

    A.D. (Washougal, WA)
  • I can’t express to you how happy I am. Things are wonderful! The last couple of days have been SO heavenly with nursing. As soon as I healed up things became so much more enjoyable and relaxing. He has wanted to nurse a lot lately and it makes me feel so good to be able to put him on whenever he wants and for as long as he wants w/out being in pain. This is such a gift! Thank you for helping us get to this point. I owe so much of our success to you. Thank you for sticking with us and helping us get here. So, so happy!

    J.D. (La Center, WA)
  • Thank you…seriously, you are awesome:)). thank you for being so supportive – I’m positive you have saved our nursing relationship!!!

    J.S (Portland, OR)
  • When I had my first child two years ago, I was determined to only feed her breast milk. However I never seemed to be able to produce enough milk to satisfy her. Eventually I felt like I had no choice but to supplement with formula. During this time I met twice with a Lactation Consultant that was recommended by my Pediatrician. I was in a pattern of feeding>pumping>feeding>pumping again. I was exhausted and still not producing enough milk. At about the 4 month mark I gave up, and just fed formula. I felt a lot of guilt about this. I wondered if I’d just tried harder, pumped more frequently, or had never introduced formula if things would have been different. When our son was born last month, I was determined once again to just breast feed. Once again I met with a Lactation Consultant at the hospital who told me everything looked great. When I got home though, I felt things were going down the same path as before. During a late night-no milk-panic session I emailed Melissa. She not only replied the next morning, but came out to our home.I could tell right away that this consultation would be different from those I had in the past. Melissa went out of her way to make sure that we were both comfortable and relaxed. She really took the time to evaluate my son in detail. She discovered that he had a tongue tie which was interfering with his ability to nurse effectively. Over time this would affect my milk supply. I had her examine my daughter, and sure enough she had the same issue. We arranged for a simple procedure with an ENT to fix this.My son is now a month old, and nursing like a champ. I already have 20oz of breast milk stored in the freezer, and have not had to supplement once. I attribute all of our success to Melissa. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who’s struggling with breastfeeding to meet with her. Don’t assume that if you’ve already met with a Lactation Consultant, that you wouldn’t benefit from meeting with her. For me it was a night and day difference. We did have to pay for her service out of pocket, but the money we’ll save by not buying formula more than covers it. My only regret is that I didn’t know about her when I had my daughter.

    D.P. (Portland, OR)
  • I cannot thank you enough for all of your ongoign support…I feel confident that you have provided me with all the tools I’ll need. You are truly a master of your craft. Thank you.

    J.L. (Portland, OR)
  • Thank you so much for all of your help! We really appreciate both your practical & emotional support.

    K.G. (Portland, OR)
  • Thank you for your help…We were really appreciative of your meticulous, holisitc approach. Thank you for giving us so much of your time and attention.

    A.F (Portland, OR)
  • I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your help. We are doing so very well after having seen you those few times. I was certain that we had seen the end of our breastfeeding days but your postive encouragement and suggestions were really a blessing. We have had nothing but success. And the information you gave me on the Baby-Led Weaning was also amazing. My baby only feeds himself real food, no purees for him and he loves it. And we love it! …We are very happy and doing so well. I will definitely refer others to you.

    S.W. (Portland, OR)
  • We have conquered breastfeeding, no more shield…she latches on willingly!

    L.M. (Woodland, WA)
  • Melissa is an expert in lactation. With her many tools and creative approaches, she helped me to increase my milk supply immensely and my baby is thriving. Additionally, she was a caring and compassionate guide through a challenging time and always available to address my questions or concerns. Her knowledge of breastfeeding and infant nutrition is amazing and far supersedes the average lactation consultant.

    L.A. (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa saved me! I was struggling and she showed up at my home (so wonderful, in those early days when you don’t feel up to driving around), was so supportive and knowledgeable, and helped us to achieve the ideal, positive experience. I am forever grateful. She was wonderful with our daughter and very available for questions after the fact — an all around wonder! A thousand recommendations for Melissa!

    R.D. (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa was my angel and I cannot recommend her enough for a first time mom or a mom of three about ready to give birth to their 4th child and needing a refresher course in breast feeding. I only recommend to new moms to see an IBCLC, like Melissa, because she has knowledge and the experience way beyond what my hospital lactation consultants knew. When I have another child I am going to have Melissa be there after I give birth to get me started right. Without her, I don’t think I would have ever been able to so successfully breast feed my child. I recommend Melissa and Luna Lactation to all new moms or moms to be. My friend in fact goes to her too. Melissa is the best in the area and I am thankful she is right here for us. I will be asking for services again in the future when we are ready to have another child. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and she helped me to hold my daughter in different ways to keep the weight off my joints, so anyone with arthritis or any other limitations would benefit greatly to going to Melissa.

    A.B. (WA)
  • Thank YOU for all your wonderful help. I wish we lived closer so I could come see you whenever I needed! You are so skilled at what you do… and so caring and nurturing. I thank God we found you!

    M.B. (Medford, OR)
  • First chance I’ve had since our 6-month-old’s revision to post praise for our IBCLC, Melissa Cole. We visited her office on the second day following his procedure and feel positively about breastfeeding for the first time since Colin’s was born! Not only was her intake process thorough, but her hands-on approach to education was phenomenal. She’s helped us understand our son’s ties and their impact on his gut health, and also addressed his cranial-sacral issues while aiding with reteaching proper latch. Best of all, she demonstrated the aftercare stretching/exercises on our mostly smiley son! Her obvious expertise is surpassed only by her warmth and professionalism; looking so forward to following-up with her next weekend?

    S.T. (OR)
  • Thanks to Melissa’s guidance and instruction, Mason is still an awesome breast feeder and continues to take the bottle when I am unavailable. Thank you Melissa for peace of mind and for your help

    JWK (Portland, OR)
  • I went to Melissa after meeting with multiple LCs regarding latch issues. Melissa was like a breath of fresh air. Because of her, we are on our way to a positive and pain-free nursing experience. I never felt rushed. She took all the time needed to help and to make us feel comfortable. She is professional and responds to e-mails quickly with sound advice and words of encouragement. I would whole-heartedly recommend Melissa to anyone needing breastfeeding help

    AZ (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa was very warm and welcoming. She was thorough, informative and empathetic to our situation. After dealing with this for 3 months, I am thankful for another resource

    JW (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa was outstanding. She took on all of our challenges with grace, professionalism, and compassion. I have twins who were born prematurely. Challenges included limited supply and difficulty with latching. I had been seen by lactation consultants in the hospital and a lactation consultant in another office and neither was able to help me. The home visits were excellent. Melissa is thorough and extremely knowledgeable and quickly got to know me and both of my babies along with the other players involved (husband, grandmother, nanny). I was feeling very stressed out and discouraged, and she was very sensitive, patient, and encouraging, as well as realistic and practical. She used our time very well and gave very detailed and helpful visit summaries and instructions, and always made sure I was comfortable with the next steps. She is a wonderful communicator and educator. She is very easy to communicate with in person and remotely and is very open to questions and discussion. She always promptly answered my e-mails, phone calls, and text messages, even once when I was having trouble and she was out of town at a conference. After I no longer needed home visits she has continued to help me with answering my questions as needed. She is a talented, skillful, dedicated provider. I would highly recommend her to any mother, including of multiples. I am so grateful to be able to nurse my babies and so grateful for Melissa’s care!

    SL (Portland, OR)

Here are some thoughtful comments from a client satisfaction survey:

I wish I had met with Melissa before going into labor. I may have been more prepared. Thanks for all you do. My whole family appreciates your professionalism, knowledge, quick response, thoroughness, and willingness to be honest and challenge us. We could not be exclusively breast feeding without you and on our way to long term breast feeding! Thank you!

I’m so thankful for the support and help I received from Luna Lactation…I was treated like a real person and not just a client.

My experience has been amazing. We’ve had lots of challenges and breastfeeding has been anything but easy. I’m so grateful to have found Melissa as her guidance, help and compassion have made a huge impact. I’m not sure I’d still be breastfeeding if it weren’t for her help.

The support was amazing! I always felt you went above and beyond what I expected. After being confused and frustrated with hospital lactation services things really turned around.

Amazing service– no other LC comes close. no other LC has had a clue how to help me, with each thing Melissa has resolved.

I was initially nervous to contact Melissa, as breastfeeding is a very intimate experience. However, her presence put me at ease and I still feel very comfortable expressing my feelings and questions to her…Thank you.

At first I thought it was a little spendy, but because I felt so free to ask further questions and get support through email and the phone, it made me feel like it was worth every penny!!!

We love you Luna Lactation and believe strongly you have been a light into our troubled and trying times. I am able to endure pumping as long as it will take to supply my baby with my milk because of your grace and generosity. I pray all who need it will be led to you for help.

Without Luna Lactation, I probably would have resorted to formula. Thank you for helping us get to be a part of such a wonderful mother/baby bonding experience!!!! your help was truly priceless!

I would recommend Luna Lactation to any pregnant/breastfeeding mother. The support and help I recieved from Melissa was phenomenal. Before seeing Melissa, I was at my wit’s end and afraid for the health/growth of my baby. After our first meeting I felt I had a plan of action that I could follow and she encouraged frequent follow ups by phone, email and in person so I felt assured that the situation would be resolved.

I don’t know what we would have done without Melissa. She has been the single most important wellness or health care provider for my daughter’s life so far.

Your help was invaluable to our family. Thank you!

Aside from my sheer determination, I credit Melissa at Luna Lactation for saving our breast feeding relationship. I was in desperate need of individualized breast feeding expertise and support, and Melissa provided just that. I will definitely be seeking her services if/when we have a second child to help set us up for a successful beginning.

Absolutely wonderful – couldn’t have asked for better!

Many thanks – I wish we had sought you out sooner!

Thank you so much Melissa! My visit with you was extremely helpful and made me feel so much better about the breastfeeding process at a time when I was really struggling. I will definitely be recommending you to others!

Some of the best money I have EVER spent. Thank you.

My family is happier after meeting Melissa! We cannot express how much her guidance helped.

Absolutely wonderful – couldn’t have asked for better!

Melissa consulted with me over the phone after I cried into her voice mail. She and came to my house on the way home from a conference. Totally above & beyond!

Melissa is outstanding!!!

I am so thankful to have found such wonderful help and I will recommend every breastfeeding mama I know to Luna Lactation!

I am constantly telling my pregnant friends about Melissa. I think all new moms should get great support like this without having to leave their home with a newborn.

I am so grateful for the superb care I received.