• I flew across the country to attend Melissa’s tongue and lip tie course. I had taken such classes with other ankyloglossia experts, but Melissa’s material and opportunities for hands-on assessment practice far surpassed what I’d heard and done before. The information shared and discussed during class was extremely detailed and comprehensive. The small-group format allowed me to ask very specific questions and receive one-on-one feedback. I returned to my private practice as an IBCLC much more confident in my own skills and with vastly more knowledge.

    N.G – IBCLC, 2017
  • What a wonderful group of women. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and presentation, Melissa. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your commitment to lactation support and beyond. I am inspired, re-charged and infused with new knowledge. This workshop has made a significant impact on the way that I approach the topic of lactation and breasts feeding with women. Learning how to look at the “whole story”, ask questions, unwind old patterns of thinking and using a more sympathetic language will help me to be an even better doula. Mahalo.

    C.S., Doula
  • I really appreciated learning new techniques for latch (i.e letting baby guide). It’s so easy to continue what we were originally taught, since breastfeeding techniques never change, right? Wrong! I’m so glad I was able to hear updates in breastfeeding teaching tools and Melissa had all the latest and greatest info to present. I also appreciated learning how to assess tongue tie, as this wasn’t something I was very familiar with. Thanks again!

    S.H., Midwife
  • Melissa’s Lactation Intensive for Breastfeeding Professionals brought together a group of focused people from different backgrounds. While bringing our skill and knowledge up to date, she answered our questions with a depth of knowledge and experience that could have filled several more lactation seminars on related subjects. Our discussions were facilitated so that participants learned from situations in each other’s fields. I am glad to know of a lactation consultant with such a breadth of experience from relactation and adoption to initiation and the problems that can arise. Thank you for an enriching experience.

    J.V. , doula
  • This workshop was AMAZING! So much information! I know I’ll be reading over my notes for awhile!” …”I think you knocked it out of the park!”…It was so educational, it kept me interested the whole day!”…”Excellent balance of visuals, handouts and case studies. The videos were priceless.

    Health care provider comments from 2017 Astoria
  • Melissa is well informed on supplemental care.  She takes the time to know your health history and your goals on the path to wellness.  I am confident and trust Melissa's suggestions on herbal treatment.  With her help, my family has stayed healthy and my milk supply continues to stay strong.  I always have a sense of reassurance when I reach out to Melissa for care.  Thank you!

    K.R. (Portland, OR)
  • Great workshop!! I’d highly recommend it to perinatal professionals of all kinds.

    Workshop Participant
  • This workshop was perfectly balanced! Thank you infinitely for this workshop. My lactation knowledge has been dramatically enhanced. I feel confident about sharing new information with clients as well as holding better space to hear the ‘whole story’, with new communication tools.

    Workshop Participant
  • I loved your willingness to take mother’s needs/bias/comfort into account (without forcing your own opinions.) I loved this workshop. Thank you, Melissa!

    Workshop Participant
  • I enjoyed having the hands on experience and families. I feel so much more confident with oral assessment and found that understanding oral strength was eye opening.

    Workshop Participant
  • This was a wonderful learning experience. Thank you so much. Was wonderful to see Real Babies!! Thank you!!

    Workshop Participant
  • Excellent training. I feel so much more confident about what to look for – especially by comparing ‘healthy babies’ in order to recognize muscle weakness in addition to tongue tie. Group size was good.

    Workshop Participant
  • I really enjoyed your presentation, your style and grounded information. I look forward to joining you again. Thank you!

    Workshop Participant
  • You are an amazing speaker. I have learned so much. I did not fully understand how to “diagnose” tongue tie. The difference between posterior or anterior was confusing. I now understand and feel a little more confident to recognize this.

    Workshop Participant
  • I would be happy to hear Melissa speak again on any topic with the breastfeeding dyad. She is a dynamic speaker with a great breadth of knowledge in her scope of practice. Good day!

    Workshop Participant
  • I love how you integrate calmness and energy into consults.

    Workshop Participant
  • Feels like yin and yang. East and west cultures blend together.

    Workshop Participant
  • This class was amazing! Michelle and Melissa were extremely knowledgeable and I am so glad I took this class. I will be taking more classes from Michelle and Melissa in the future!

    Workshop Participant
  • You are both really amazing. I loved your message and your delivery. The workshop felt motivating and invigorating.

    Workshop Participant
  • This was amazing! Fabulous location, speakers and content. I will be coming to future trainings you both offer for sure!

    Workshop Participant
  • I am very happy with everything I am taking away from this weekend. Some of what was discussed confirms what I have been doing and seeing in my practice.

    Workshop Participant
  • Really appreciate all you’ve both done to create this workshop. I absolutely love the combination.

    Workshop Participant
  • Excellent presentation. It will really help me to refine how I discuss herbal support with my clients.

    Workshop Participant
  • Thank you for an excellent presentation. I am so happy to see a galactagogue talk from an herbalism perspective.

    Workshop Participant
  • Melissa, very informative! I appreciate your advice to start slow, improve my knowledge of three herbs well, rather than minimal knowledge of many. Great detailed information of the lactogenic foods as well.

    Workshop Participant
  • I loved learning all the different ways to help babies with reflux. I never knew that babies with reflux often have trouble nursing on the right side. I see this frequently and can now mention this to struggling moms.

    Workshop Participant
  • I would not be breastfeeding my 22 month old baby today if it were not for Melissa.  Because my son was born 2 months prematurely, my production had decreased significantly. I tried everything for a month and didn't have any real success until I started Melissa's herbal blend.  The herbs are what have allowed me to maintain my lactation for almost 2 years.  She has been a great support in so many ways!

  • Melissa listened to me and helped me with exactly what I needed. She is fantastic! She really knows her herbs!

  • I really loved your focus on the big picture, a holistic approach (it’s not just breast & baby), seeing what’s working along with problems. Thanks so much!

  • Your knowledge base is palpable and impressive. Thank you!

    Workshop Participant
  • I have just watched your wonderful presentation on Gold and loved the learning of infant pain compartmentalized as you did. I will definitely be sharing your info, and again thank you for an incredibly informative and well presented webinar.

    C. G-L. RN, RM, IBCLC
  • I want to be sure to promote Luna Lactation and Wellness. Two of my daughters saw Melissa for Lactation support and she just spent an hour and a half in a telehealth consult with me discussing options for my recent health issues. She brought up and saw possibilities that none of my other care providers have. Melissa Cole is very knowledgeable, patient and logical in thinking through issues. If you have felt unsupported by your healthcare provider and are interested in hearing about herbal options, make a telehealth appointment with her. She does Herbal Wellness support and Lactation support.

  • Wonderful presentation, Melissa. I learned a lot. Bookmarked a lot of great resources, too! Thank you.
  • Your presentation today was THE BEST….I would not have been able to keep my cool (during my virtual consult today) as well as I think I did if I hadn’t watched your webinar. Period… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… I am so happy I watched your lecture today. Thank you again from the bottom of my LC heart.

    D.B. -IBCLC
  • Thank you for the amazing class today. I love hearing you speak - always learn so much with your extensive, gentle and humble knowledge!

    D.M. -IBCLC
  • Melissa is a wealth of information and she is very articulate and presents a lot of information in a clear and concise manner. I would highly recommend her to a colleague!

    Webinar Participant
  • She is so awesome! I have taken many classes with her and it's always a great experience - she has so much knowledge, but she is just so accessible and humble which makes her brilliant!

    Webinar Participant
  • I just think that Melissa has so much knowledge and expertise. I love her courses and will sign up for anything she presents.

    Webinar Participant
  • It was easy to understand but lots of great information. Melissa really knows her stuff and knows how to pass it along.

    Webinar Participant
  • It's really wonderful being in class with Melissa and Michelle. You both make this information tangible and very enjoyable. I'm very inspired to review, study and practice implementing all the tools and knowledge Melissa and Michelle taught us in the class. Thanks again for all your thorough explanation and attention to details!

    A.F. -Chiropractor
  • I loved this class! You are both fantastic and I am so eager to learn more! I just need to start making more money to afford all the amazing classes I want to attend. LIFE LONG LEARNER.

    Workshop Participant
  • Absolutely excellent!! So comprehensive, professional to the highest standard and a shining example of collaborative practice!

    Online Workshop Attendee
  • I just wanted to write an email as we are finishing up this course and congratulate you on a job well done. You are really doing such a great service, I love how you answer questions and help your students solve problems and get great quality information. So many ladies who are nursing use herbs and it is really awesome to see someone so competent training. It is great for me too. Lactation is not something that was thoroughly covered in any of my course work as deeply as other subjects and I am happy to take your course and I feel confident if something comes up contacting you for mentoring help since you work in this area so much.

    E.L - Online Course Participant
  • I've enrolled in three webinar courses over the past nine months and several others over the years. This course was excellent. This is what I think you did so well:

    1. Clear focus of the course and clear agenda for each module. This was lactation/infant specific and avoided slipping into more pediatric maladies or maternal general health.
    2. Your weekly video introduction to each module was personal and also set us up for learning specific topics.
    3. Beautiful and clear slides. The photos are lovely, the text was legible and not crowded with information.
    4. The follow up on FB was helpful. I enjoyed being able to share ideas and resources. I felt like I was in a class with an attentive teacher.
    5. The case studies made us put the information into action. I look forward to keeping in touch with the FB group.

    Online Workshop Participant
  • Well done Melissa! Yours was the best online course I took all year and I’m using what I learned with all my clients….I have taken other trainings on herbs but didn't feel fully confident in suggesting them to clients until taking Melissa's course. Her Plant Medicine chart was one of the best educational tools I've ever used, and I refer to it all the time. I highly recommend this course not just to learn about herbs, but to develop your critical thinking skills.

    Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this course and the ability to take it at my own pace and re-watch modules. It was full of useful information, well organized, and a balanced perspective! Thank you!!

    Online Herbal Course student, IBCLC
  • I just want to thank you so much for this amazing course. I can tell how much time and effort you put into this and I so appreciate it how detailed it is. Clearly the info on the galactagogues was quite helpful. I always feel lost when trying to help guide my clients because I'm not an herbalist but I do see that they really can help. At least now, I feel better able to match herbs with conditions. Thank you so so much!

    IBCLC, online course participant
  • Affirmation of working with clinical care teams which demonstrates preference to protect grieving parents from further pain/hurt when providing options which include suppression, continuation or donation of milk. Oftentimes, colleagues will suggest parents will just want to move forward and only offer milk suppression, but have heard too many times when parents wish they had known their options.

    Lactation After Loss Course Participant
  • I love it all! I will take all workshops taught by you.

    Herbal Support Course Participant
  • Melissa is an excellent speaker. She conveys information in a concise manner and addresses questions and concerns thoughtfully. Used various teaching modalities to meet students learning styles. Was organized and had objectives but was also organic.

    Workshop Participant
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