Luna Lactation provides comprehensive support to families coping with feeding concerns. Our practice is a micro-practice. A micro-practice is a healthcare model in which a solo provider can focus on individualized, client-centered care since they keep their practice small.

“Do I need a board-certified lactation consultant?”

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“My sweetheart and I call Melissa the ‘kung fu master of lactation consultants!’ She helped us through a very trying beginning with breastfeeding, but now it’s all going wonderfully, thanks to her patience, persistence and faith. We love Luna Lactation!” – L.V. (Portland, OR)







  • If it weren’t for your consistent encouragement on our breastfeeding journey my son and I would not be breastfeeding at all. And to think what I would have missed out on, not to mention the health and numerous benefits to my son! You are very gifted and we will forever be grateful for your time, energy, gentle coaching, professional attitude, availability, creativity, flexibilty and endless knowledge-did I mention your passion for this special bond between mom and baby?

    J.S (Vancouver, WA)
  • Melissa thank you so much for all you have done. I was so on the verge of giving up and now things are going so much better. I really am feeling like I can do this now. We are still bumpy but a thousand miles from where we were. I was so afraid I was going not be able to breast feed and was so afraid of the formula. Thank you…you do great work and I appreciate how much you have done over the top for us.

    S.D. (Vancouver, WA)
  • It was so great meeting with you! I left with a whole new perspective and an attitude of I can do this! Already making more milk! The pump is working great. I am able to self express. Thank you for teaching me. You are a wealth of information in many areas and a highly effective teacher. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the whole picture and helping with suggestions that will benefit my entire family… I learned a great deal!

    S.B. (Portland, OR)
  • Melissa is an expert in lactation. With her many tools and creative approaches, she helped me to increase my milk supply immensely and my baby is thriving. Additionally, she was a caring and compassionate guide through a challenging time and always available to address my questions or concerns. Her knowledge of breastfeeding and infant nutrition is amazing and far supersedes the average lactation consultant.

    L.A. (Portland, OR)


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