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  • Melissa is well informed on supplemental care.  She takes the time to know your health history and your goals on the path to wellness.  I am confident and trust Melissa's suggestions on herbal treatment.  With her help, my family has stayed healthy and my milk supply continues to stay strong.  I always have a sense of reassurance when I reach out to Melissa for care.  Thank you!

    K.R. (Portland, OR)
  • I would not be breastfeeding my 22 month old baby today if it were not for Melissa.  Because my son was born 2 months prematurely, my production had decreased significantly. I tried everything for a month and didn't have any real success until I started Melissa's herbal blend.  The herbs are what have allowed me to maintain my lactation for almost 2 years.  She has been a great support in so many ways!

  • Melissa listened to me and helped me with exactly what I needed. She is fantastic! She really knows her herbs!

  • I want to be sure to promote Luna Lactation and Wellness. Two of my daughters saw Melissa for Lactation support and she just spent an hour and a half in a telehealth consult with me discussing options for my recent health issues. She brought up and saw possibilities that none of my other care providers have. Melissa Cole is very knowledgeable, patient and logical in thinking through issues. If you have felt unsupported by your healthcare provider and are interested in hearing about herbal options, make a telehealth appointment with her. She does Herbal Wellness support and Lactation support.

  • My baby and I have established a comfortable and tender breastfeeding relationship. I breastfeed on demand and don’t give it much more thought than that. He’s gaining weight beautifully, and I’ve regained trust in my body and instincts. Thank you for your support, expert advice, and kindness. It made all the difference.

  • I met with my hematologist and she was shocked that after giving birth my Ferritin levels had substantially increased to healthy levels she had never previously seen. She was racking her brain about what could have increased my levels when I remembered that you wrote that the tincture you made me with moringa, milk thistle and schisandra was iron rich. Not just rebounded, but exceeded! Thank you so much!

  • I have lost track of the number of times Melissa saved my twin breastfeeding journey. She has helped me navigate through clogged ducts, reflux, milk allergies, and tongue and lip ties. In addition to breastfeeding support, she’s also helped with recommending supplements for me and finding the right probiotics and formula to supplement with for the babies.

  • I can't recommend Melissa enough. I have twins and am pretty much exclusively pumping since my return to work. She has helped me with supply issues, frequent clogs, mastitis, and blistering. Melissa has also helped me find ways to maintain a breastfeeding relationship with the twins when possible/desired -- without any pressure. She is accessible between appointments and goes above and beyond in her time and assistance. I'm so grateful!

  • I know many people who have worked with Melissa to make breastfeeding successful. Having tremendous difficulty producing enough milk and breastfeeding my first, I am excited to be working with Melissa prenatally to prepare for my twins arrival next month! Her knowledge, gentleness and encouraging nature have already made a huge difference in my mental preparedness for the adventure that lies ahead!

  • We went to Luna to address issues with proper latching, milk production and digestive issues in our 2.5 month twins. Melissa was extremely thorough in our visit, looking at our situation from our family's distinct perspective and through a holistic lens, which incorporated a variety of perspectives. She presented ideas and techniques that other specialists had not. We highly recommend her.

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