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  • I loved my visit with Melissa. She’s very knowledgeable, she acts like a specialist, and you can tell she’s very research based yet completely took my feelings of what is happening into account. She’s ideally what every IBCLC should be. Can we clone her??!! I’m already referring friends to her. After 6 weeks of recovery with a tongue tie baby I felt I was making little headway and wanted a second opinion as I got some red flags from another IBCLC. Going to Melissa was a breath of fresh air.

  • Melissa is the only person I ever went to that gave me breakthrough answers. I’d seen various medical “specialists” ranging from pediatricians to lactation consultants and even a tongue doctor but they provided no answers of hope for my nursing challenges. Turned out my son had a very obvious tongue and lip tie, which no one caught, except Melissa. She got us on the fast track to him being able to nurse again and exclusively so that I didn’t have to supplement anymore!

  • You are our nursing fairy…thank you so very much for your help. You are an amazing lactation consultant.

    A.V (Portland, OR)
  • We were in a state of complete confusion and feeling desperate when we finally called Melissa on recommendation. She made time to come right over, sensing the urgency of our situation– our 2 week old could not draw milk from me on his own, and I had lost my supply and had been told I would have to pump and supplement indefinitely by two hospital associated lactation consultants. Melissa saw, in that first visit, the complexities of our situation, and made recommendations on how to solve them. By following her recommendations I was able to , in a short time, reestablished my milk supply, remedy the baby’s physical limitations with the appropriate treatments, and transition to breastfeeding only. I felt so empowered and relieved. Melissa has many wonderful attributes– she is friendly and very caring, solution driven, a great communicator, incredibly observant, and seems to honestly invest herself in her clients’ outcomes. If not for Melissa, I have no idea where we would be!

    M.L. (Portland, OR)
  • Thank you so much for always being thorough and having amazing follow ups…I think you did a wonderful job… I recommended you to another twin mom who was having latching issues.

    T.P. (Portland, OR)
  • My sweetheart and I call Melissa the ‘kung fu master of lactation consultants!’ She helped us through a very trying beginning with breastfeeding, but now it’s all going wonderfully, thanks to her patience, persistence and faith. We love Luna Lactation!

    L.V. (Portland, OR)
  • When I was nearing the end of pregnancy with my daughter I began to feel anxious about nursing and had so many questions: how, when, how long, pumping, going back to work, etc….” With all the changes ahead I knew I needed to get my questions answered. I called Melissa and she so graciously came to me, such a relief to talk and interact in the comfort of my own home. With a doll we practiced nursing positions, latching, and then talked about my concerns, fears, and excitement. In addition to the hands on practice, she left me with reading material, supportive breastfeeding websites, and her confident voice to call anytime I needed one-on-one help or advice, what a relief! My daughter is almost 11 months old, and with the helpful professional support provided by Melissa, my daughter loves to nurse and I am still in love with breastfeeding. Everyday I feel blessed to be able to provide my daughter with the immune support and amazing nutritional benefits through a one of a kind loving gift, my breastmilk.

    K.C.(Vancouver, WA)
  • If it weren’t for your consistent encouragement on our breastfeeding journey my son and I would not be breastfeeding at all. And to think what I would have missed out on, not to mention the health and numerous benefits to my son! You are very gifted and we will forever be grateful for your time, energy, gentle coaching, professional attitude, availability, creativity, flexibilty and endless knowledge-did I mention your passion for this special bond between mom and baby?

    J.S (Vancouver, WA)
  • Melissa thank you so much for all you have done. I was so on the verge of giving up and now things are going so much better. I really am feeling like I can do this now. We are still bumpy but a thousand miles from where we were. I was so afraid I was going not be able to breast feed and was so afraid of the formula. Thank you…you do great work and I appreciate how much you have done over the top for us.

    S.D. (Vancouver, WA)
  • If I could pick two words to describe Melissa Cole and her way of working with people, I would choose gentle and thorough. I have worked with Melissa on several occasions, each time amazed at how spot on she was with her suggestions as well as how thorough she was in getting the information she needed before giving her suggestions. Many many people can talk about how wonderful she is as a lactation consultant. I can too. I’d like to review specifically Melissa’s abilities as an herbalist. I went to her with a list of annoying symptoms that I couldn’t get to the bottom of with everything I had tried over the last few years. I contacted Melissa and made an appointment because I knew I could trust her and I knew she had experience that could potentially help me. I was amazed, not shocked, amazed. I knew she was well researched and thorough, through working with her and my baby’s issues. Her diagnosis were backed up by the tests we ordered to the “t.” I was sitting in her office explaining what was going on and she said, I think you have this, this and this… and she was spot on with tests to prove it. Because of her help, I am taking the right stuff finally and I am doing so, so, so much better. She always coats everything she does in encouragement, is never hurried and is so thorough. I am so grateful.

    C.S. (Vancouver, WA)