Wellness and Herbal Testimonials

  • Melissa is well informed on supplemental care.  She takes the time to know your health history and your goals on the path to wellness.  I am confident and trust Melissa's suggestions on herbal treatment.  With her help, my family has stayed healthy and my milk supply continues to stay strong.  I always have a sense of reassurance when I reach out to Melissa for care.  Thank you!

    K.R. (Portland, OR)
  • I would not be breastfeeding my 22 month old baby today if it were not for Melissa.  Because my son was born 2 months prematurely, my production had decreased significantly. I tried everything for a month and didn't have any real success until I started Melissa's herbal blend.  The herbs are what have allowed me to maintain my lactation for almost 2 years.  She has been a great support in so many ways!

  • Melissa listened to me and helped me with exactly what I needed. She is fantastic! She really knows her herbs!

  • I want to be sure to promote Luna Lactation and Wellness. Two of my daughters saw Melissa for Lactation support and she just spent an hour and a half in a telehealth consult with me discussing options for my recent health issues. She brought up and saw possibilities that none of my other care providers have. Melissa Cole is very knowledgeable, patient and logical in thinking through issues. If you have felt unsupported by your healthcare provider and are interested in hearing about herbal options, make a telehealth appointment with her. She does Herbal Wellness support and Lactation support.

  • I met with my hematologist and she was shocked that after giving birth my Ferritin levels had substantially increased to healthy levels she had never previously seen. She was racking her brain about what could have increased my levels when I remembered that you wrote that the tincture you made me with moringa, milk thistle and schisandra was iron rich. Not just rebounded, but exceeded! Thank you so much!

  • Just had a wellness appointment with Melissa and she is so amazing! She thoroughly answered all my questions, and always takes a lot of time to address any concerns!

  • I saw Melissa in for some ongoing health issues that were not getting resolved by my PCP or other care givers. Her thoughts were open to considering other options besides the ones I had been told in the past that I was dealing with. I am looking forward to trying her herbal tinctures to address my issues and with continuing to work with Melissa as a team to resolve them.

  • If I could pick two words to describe Melissa Cole and her way of working with people, I would choose gentle and thorough. I have worked with Melissa on several occasions, each time amazed at how spot on she was with her suggestions as well as how thorough she was in getting the information she needed before giving her suggestions. Many many people can talk about how wonderful she is as a lactation consultant. I can too. I’d like to review specifically Melissa’s abilities as an herbalist. I went to her with a list of annoying symptoms that I couldn’t get to the bottom of with everything I had tried over the last few years. I contacted Melissa and made an appointment because I knew I could trust her and I knew she had experience that could potentially help me. I was amazed, not shocked, amazed. I knew she was well researched and thorough, through working with her and my baby’s issues. Her diagnosis were backed up by the tests we ordered to the “t.” I was sitting in her office explaining what was going on and she said, I think you have this, this and this… and she was spot on with tests to prove it. Because of her help, I am taking the right stuff finally and I am doing so, so, so much better. She always coats everything she does in encouragement, is never hurried and is so thorough. I am so grateful.

    C.S. (Vancouver, WA)
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