Lactation and Feeding Consultations

Do I need a lactation consultant?

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What happens at a consultation?

All consultations through Luna Lactation and Wellness are provided by board certified lactation consultants, Melissa Cole and Melissa Curry. Each initial consultation begins with getting to know each other a bit. We will review your health and feeding history and explore the current issues you are experiencing. Depending on the issue at hand, the lactation consultant will gently examine you and/or your baby. You will be invited to feed your baby during the appointment so that, together, we can see what is happening.  After we assess the situation, we will develop a written care plan with suggestions for improving whatever feeding issues you may be having.

You are encouraged to ask questions and share concerns. We will provide you with referrals to other health care providers if necessary. A full report will be sent to the other members of your health care team when necessary. We strongly encourage all our patients to keep in touch with us until they feel fully confident that their problems are resolved and they are enjoying feedings!  Our goal is always to uncover the root cause of the feeding issue and make a targeted plan that works for you.

What do I bring to my appointment?

You are encouraged to bring: your list of questions and concerns, any feeding tools being used, your pump, any supplemental infant food/fortifier if needed, a sling or wrap for baby wearing if desired, any feeding/diaper diaries you have been keeping, etc.

Mandatory Online Intake Form

It is helpful if you fill out and submit our online intake forms before arriving (please choose the form that best fits your situation):

Optional Forms

  • HIPAA Privacy Practices (for your info, no need to print out)
  • Release of Information Form (Only needed if you require an additional release form for health records to be shared with another provider. The intake form also has a place to sign/consent for release of info)

Fee Schedule and Payment Information

In-Office and Virtual Consultations

  • $230 – Initial In-Office or Virtual Consultation 60 min
  • $130 – Follow Up In-Office or Virtual Consultation 60 min
  • $180 – Prenatal In-Office or Virtual Consultation 60 min
  • $80 – Brief Virtual Follow Up Consultation (via phone or secure video) 30 min

In-Home Consultations (Available within a 10 mile radius of 97206. If you live more than 10 miles from 97206, please email to inquire about extended travel availability for an additional fee.)

  • $280 – Initial In-Home Consultation 60 min
  • $180 – Follow Up In-Home Consultation 60 min

Note: For multiples we add on $10 per additional sibling per visit

The initial one-on-one consultation usually runs about 1.5 hours. An in-depth feeding history will be taken, a comprehensive assessment will be done and a care plan will be provided. Follow-up appointments generally run 1 hour. We review how your care plan is working for your family and re-assess any feeding concerns that you may have. Phone/email follow up is included and encouraged. Generally appointments are done in person, however, video, phone, or email can also be used (pricing is the same).

Payment is due at the time of service: Check, cash and all major credit cards are accepted. Health savings account (HSA) cards can also be accepted.

Cancellation policy: We understand that life with a baby can be unpredictable. We also have many parents waiting to see us urgently. If you need to make a schedule change, let us know ASAP so we can ideally help another family out sooner! If you miss your appointment and don’t give us a 24-hr notice, we reserve the right to charge you for your appointment.

Insurance: After your visit, you will be provided with a detailed, coded ‘superbill’ that you may submit to your insurance company. We do not bill insurance on your behalf but we do try to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork you need to submit for reimbursement. Although many insurance companies do cover lactation care, we can not guarantee our services will be covered by your insurance. Some families also choose to use funds from their pre-tax medical spending accounts to cover our services. Please check with your plan or account provider to see what options you may have.

Worried about cost? An appointment with Luna Lactation costs way less than the option of NOT breastfeeding! Luna Lactation believes all parents, regardless of income, should have access to quality lactation care. Quality lactation support is far less expensive than the option of not breastfeeding! Feel free to contact us if you need to discuss alternative payment options (we can arrange payment plans for families in need) or would like information on other sources of community-based support.