Professional Speaking Services

Are you in need of a speaker for an upcoming in-person or virtual conference or event? Hiring a professional speaker can dramatically improve attendance rates, enhance the educational objectives and optimize the overall event. Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC has been passionate about providing comprehensive, holistic lactation care and education to parents and healthcare professionals for over a decade. She is comfortable with audiences of all sizes, strives to make presentations engaging and interactive when appropriate, and is adept at using a variety of technology when presenting.

Melissa enjoys speaking on topics such as: complex feeding cases, infant digestive health, tongue and lip tie, holistic lactation care modalities, herbs and breastfeeding, advanced clinical lactation skills and case studies, lactation after loss, and more. Melissa’s speaking engagements at various conferences and seminars have been well-received by attendees. Details on Melissa’s professional presentations and speaking options are online at Lactspeak. Please contact us for more information on our professional speaking services.

Download informational speaking packet here.

Past speaking engagements

  • Clark County Breastfeeding Coalition Conference
  • American Herbalists Guild
  • Northwest Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition Conference
  • Mount Sinai Breastfeeding Symposium
  • Rockland County Breastfeeding Coalition
  • GOLD Lactation Online Conference
  • Canadian Lactation Consultant Association Conference
  • International Lactation Consultant Association Conference
  • Michigan Association of Lactation Consultants Conference
  • Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition
  • Idaho Breastfeeding Summit
  • Blank Children’s Hospital Iowa Breastfeeding Conference
  • Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Conference
  • La Leche League of Florida and the Caribbean Islands Conference
  • Western Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition Conference
  • Central Illinois Breastfeeding Conference
  • Breastfeeding Coalition Ventura County
  • Ligue la Leche of Montreal Symposium
  • South Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition Conference
  • Infant & Maternal CST Conference
  • Oregon Midwifery Council Conference
  • International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals


  • Diagnosis and treatment of tethered oral tissues is a glaring gap in pediatric education. Melissa’s experience, knowledge and calm demeanor have been invaluable to me as I work to fill that gap. She is highly professional and collaborative with both providers and patients, and you should jump at any chance you have to work with her.

    Doug Lincoln, MD, MPH, Metropolitan Pediatrics
  • We spent two days of intense learning on 1. Assessment 2. Functional Release 3. Aftercare 4. Oral motor Therapy. Melissa Cole IBCLC, RLC came down from Portland, OR for in-office training. She provided the breastfeeding community in Eugene/Springfield with great support and knowledge. Eight providers attended the “Lunch and Learn”. Day 1, we evaluated and treated 6 infants…Day 2, we evaluated and treated 8 infants. AMAZING RESULTS!! She is worth her weight in GOLD!! Awesome learning opportunity to keep improving what we do, which is help Infants latch, transfer milk, and no doubt improve craniomandibular development! I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their skill. I hope to bring her down again in Spring of 2018….

  • …Melissa Cole is passionate about helping mothers and babies achieve optimum breastfeeding. Sometimes that means coaching or altering positions to help making the transfer of milk more efficient. Other times it might mean referring for a lip and/or tongue tip release with follow up myofunctional retraining. After spending two days with her in my office my confidence has grown in both the evaluation of the ties as well assessment of a proper release. Melissa has my highest possible recommendation for those wanting to increase knowledge in breastfeeding physiology, lip and tongue tie evaluation and even releasing tethered tissues.

    Ben A. Sutter, DMD, Eugene, Oregon
  • Working with Melissa is great! She's very informative and thorough. I feel much more comfortable working on infants after our training. Thanks Melissa!

    Kelcey Parrot, DDS, Abbeville Dentistry, Lubbock, TX
  • Having Melissa impart her knowledge on tethered oral tissue, to my staff and healthcare professionals in our community, was invaluable.  Her insight sparked interest and communication within our group, that will definitely help us all serve the needs of our growing families.  We are very grateful to have met her and look forward to our ongoing relationship.

    Bernadette Delumpa, DDS, Smilebrite Dentistry, Valpariso, IN
  • The educational event and consulting time were fantastic and helpful! Thank you so much for everything!!!

    Shari Carroll, DDS, Shari Carroll Pediatric Dentistry, Redondo Beach, CA
  • I really enjoyed Melissa’s knowledge.  She was more science based than any other IBCLC I’ve listened to. I liked that she suggests that not all babies or all moms fit into one category and we should tailor our intervention to the individual.

    Conference Participant
  • Amazing public speaker, great presentation with informative images and videos.

    Conference Participant
  • We want to express our sincere appreciation for all you did to help us make our 2020 conference a success. You were so instrumental in helping us make a “virtual reality”. Your kind nature and genuine personality made our organizers and attendees feel at ease. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentations and live participation. Our only regret is not getting to meet you and share time together.

    Conference Organizer
  • Thank you for our...conference. The feedback we received was outstanding. The lactation Program Coordinator...attended and will be sharing your presentation with her entire lactation team and the Director of Women and Children Services. We are just so thrilled and honored to have you present at our conference.

    Y.A. -Conference Coordinator