Pain Support Testimonials

  • I really struggled early on with getting my baby to latch well. After developing mastitis I decided to get some help and Luna Lactation came highly recommended. After our session I have been able to use the different techniques I was taught to get my baby to latch and it has made a night and day difference. I just wish I had gone in even sooner to get help from Melissa. She also helped me ensure my pump was fitting correctly and taught me a bunch of new feeding positions and props.

  • She knows her stuff, she truly cares, and she makes herself available to answer follow-up questions (I don't know how!). She helped me go from exclusive pumping/low supply/supplementing to fulfilling all my daughter's needs for breastmilk until we weaned at 22 months. Without Melissa I probably would have given up on breastfeeding. With my son she has helped me through reflux/colic and a terrible bout of mastitis. I HIGHLY recommend Melissa.

  • As a third time mom, I thought that I didn’t need a lactation consultant. But when I got mastitis and didn’t want to deal with antibiotics, I talked to Melissa for her input. She was so great! She was totally on board with my goals but was also realistic that there could come a point when they would truly by necessary. She gave me some easy things to do at home and by the next day I felt great! She was very warm and welcoming and made me feel totally at home. Thank you!!

  • Seeing Melissa was my last attempt at breastfeeding. I had seen a couple other lactation consultants and doctors because of the severe pain I was in before I was referred to her. She was very supportive and her action plan to address my pain worked! I have been able to happily continue breastfeeding. I've seen her on a few other occasions as well and I must say she really knows her stuff and is a great problem solver.

  • Breast feeding was so painful before my visit with Melissa. I wasn't enjoying the experience at all and I couldn't imagine how I was going to keep going. I'd already seen 3 lactation consultants who visited my recovery room in the hospital, but I was still struggling. Melissa taught me easily understandable techniques that really worked. I felt improvement immediately. As an added bonus, our baby is now sleeping better once we fixed his feeding issues. I would absolutely recommend Luna Lactation.

  • Melissa is fabulous! She is friendly and knowledgeable. She noticed something that another lactation consultant missed and provided an easy-to-do treatment. In time, the pain went away and we're back to nursing like normal! To anyone with a more difficult or complicated nursing problem, consulting with Melissa was worth the drive, the time and the money.

  • Super helpful with latch, lip/tongue tie, and breast and nipple pain issues. Also offered great advice on baby carrying and bottle feeding!

  • I had a repeatedly plugged milk duct, and Melissa was able to provide quick, immediate steps to help keep it from happening again. Not only was she able to help me with that immediate issue, she also provided some great advice related to some unrelated allergy and bottle-feeding issues we'd been having. She was incredibly knowledgeable, which was refreshing since all of the doctors I'd seen had not been particularly helpful.

  • Melissa spent a lot of time with us and helped me to figure out what was going on with my blocked milk ducts. I saw her yesterday for the first time, so time will tell, but she gave me a diagnosis and lots of tools that feel as though they will help me to avoid this frustrating problem in the future. I would recommend her to others, and she came highly recommended to me!

  • Melissa has helped me through raynaud's vasospasms, through 6 weeks of thrush, supply issues and pumping. Just amazing support and education.

  • I starting having some pain while nursing, and Melissa diagnosed the problem quickly and easily. A little cream and a care plan, and I was on my way to feeling better in no time! She is great.

  • Just plain awesome. Really took down my crazy a few notches! Second visit, this time for some plugged ducts and blebs which are so frustrating. Melissa made me feel sane(ish)...

  • I've been having painful latch issues with my newborn and have seen two lactation consultants before coming to Melissa Cole. Her expertise and guidance were incredibly thorough, precise, and focused. I learned so much in my visit with her and have the utmost respect for her clinical skills and care. I am so grateful to have found her--my daughter's latch has improved, my positioning of her has improved, and I know how to identify the signs of healthy, nutritive feeding.

  • After struggling through 5 weeks of painful nursing, Melissa was able to help with our latch issue, and help with my pain. Highly recommend Luna Lactation to anyone having issues with nursing or breast pain.

  • I saw Melissa with my second child at four weeks old. She immediately diagnosed the root cause of very painful breastfeeding, corrected it, and gave supportive therapies to both of us. He nurses better at one month than my oldest did at 4-5 months even though I had seen two lactation consultants during our first month of feeding. Now I know how breastfeeding can be!

  • Melissa is wonderful. She helped me resolve the issues we were having with poor latching and tremendous nipple damage. I feared I might have to stop breastfeeding due to the pain, but with Melissa's assessment and treatment plan, we are successfully and comfortably breastfeeding. Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable and so supportive. Thank you!

  • I’m happy to say that this is the first week where breastfeeding doesn’t hurt. I wanted to thank you for your support…I used a lot of your tips…Thank you for all that you do for mothers out there. Just knowing that breastfeeding is a difficult process for a lot of people helped me buck up and become stronger. Somehow knowing I wasn’t alone in suffering helped me to focus on other aspects of breastfeeding that were working. Thanks again, and take care! You do fabulous work.

    M.V. (Portland,OR)
  • I can’t express to you how happy I am. Things are wonderful! The last couple of days have been SO heavenly with nursing. As soon as I healed up things became so much more enjoyable and relaxing. He has wanted to nurse a lot lately and it makes me feel so good to be able to put him on whenever he wants and for as long as he wants w/out being in pain. This is such a gift! Thank you for helping us get to this point. I owe so much of our success to you. Thank you for sticking with us and helping us get here. So, so happy!

    J.D. (La Center, WA)
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