Induced and Adoptive Feeding Support Testimonials

  • I am embarking on adoptive breastfeeding and gathering information has been a little overwhelming. Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable and has a great plan for getting me started. She eased my fears, provided excellent followup and information to my doctor, and made me feel very encouraged and hopeful. I greatly appreciate how accessible she is and all the resources and help she has for me. I highly recommend her!

  • As future adoptive parents we wanted to explore the possibilities of Induced Lactation. We didn’t really know what to expect or what questions to ask. But couldn’t have picked a more wonderful provider to help us come up with a plan. We are so thankful and less stressed as we feel confident in our plan that we agreed upon. Highly recommend, Melissa!

  • Melissa was super thorough in addressing in and informing us on all our concerns. We are adoptive parents and want to set our child up with the best nutrition early on in life. I feel confident in her recommendations and feel very prepared with the different options laid out for us. Thank you

  • I was so impressed with the knowledge of Melissa! We are in the process of adopting an infant and I wanted to explore the possibility of breast feeding and nursing. She was a wealth of information. She took the time to really understand my health history - which is complicated - and she was so thoughtful with her recommendations. I could not rate her high enough!

  • Melissa is a superhero! As a new mother whose infant was born via surrogacy, I wanted to breastfeed my baby as much as possible. Melissa has helped me establish a supply of milk which allowed me to exclusively breastfeed for the first week of my son’s life. When I was feeling overwhelmed with the process of feeding my newborn, Melissa helped me develop a sustainable feeding plan that provides for my baby’s nutritional and bonding needs, as well as helps me maintain my milk supply 🙂 thank you!!!

  • Unsure of whether I wanted to go the typical lactation induction route of pharmaceuticals or take a more holistic approach, I knew I would need some guidance. I consulted with Melissa because I'd heard excellent things about her clinical lactation skills and herbal medicine background. Her consultation took into consideration my full medical background, and her protocol involves specific herbal remedies to address my overall wellness so my hormones will respond better to lactation induction.

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