Pumping & Working Testimonials

  • I can't recommend Melissa enough. I have twins and am pretty much exclusively pumping since my return to work. She has helped me with supply issues, frequent clogs, mastitis, and blistering. Melissa has also helped me find ways to maintain a breastfeeding relationship with the twins when possible/desired -- without any pressure. She is accessible between appointments and goes above and beyond in her time and assistance. I'm so grateful!

  • Melissa is beyond amazing. My son had a tongue tie at birth and never really latched on. At our first session, Melissa did a thorough evaluation and identified the tongue tie as an impairment to his feeding. She immediately got us in to see an ENT to reverse his tongue tie and gave me a plan to slowly start introducing the breast again and ways to keep my supply up with pumping. I just wish I had found her earlier. She is the best!

  • Melissa was extremely helpful and supportive at my appointment. She went above and beyond, showing me various feeding options, getting me fitted with the correctly sized nipple shields and other pumping gear. Melissa took a lot of time answering all my questions and I never felt rushed. I now feel much more confident and prepared for pumping and breastfeeding. Thank you Melissa!

  • I was able to address work/pumping balance and pump efficiency issues, a circulatory issue causing discomfort, supply issues and latch efficiency & review my daughter's revision and tongue strength. The experience was great as it was a holistic approach/addressing multiple issues and determining cause. I'm looking forward to our follow up visit. I highly recommend Melissa, she's responsive, compassionate and thorough.

  • Melissa supports your needs with breastfeeding without making you feel like you are doing it all wrong. She helped figure out my pumping needs for going back to work. I recommend her to all moms.

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