Do I need a Lactation Consultant?

There are many situations in which families can benefit from a private, professional lactation consultation. Some reasons to seek assistance from a international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) include but are not limited to:

Parent issues:

  • Supply concerns – low milk supply, oversupply, weaning support
  • Pain concerns – nipple/breast pain, mastitis, engorgement, plugged ducts, thrush, latch problems, not enjoying feedings
  • Health history concerns – fertility issues, breast surgeries, prior breastfeeding issues, breast health concerns
  • Work/pumping concerns – pump comfort/fit issues, supply maintenance, support through a transitional phase
  • Special concerns – adoptive/induced lactation, lactation after infant loss, tandem nursing

Baby/Child issues:

  • Weight concerns – slow weight gain, poor growth, supplemental feeds
  • Latch concerns – non-latching baby, suck dysfunction, oral motor issues, tongue/lip tie, structural concerns
  • Feeding tools – support regarding tools such as: bottles, nipples shields, at-breast supplementation, specialized feeding tools
  • Digestive concerns – colic, reflux, food allergies/sensitivities, unresolved fussiness
  • Special concerns – prematurity, multiples, traumatic birth, medical/anatomical issues, adoption, infant/neonatal loss
  • Older baby/child concerns – starting solids, nutrition/growth concerns, sleep concerns

If you are trying to decide whether an appointment with a board certified lactation consultant is the right choice for you, we invite you to read more on our  consultations page. Luna Lactation has been honored to work with many families. Although each family’s issues and breastfeeding goals have been unique, they all have had one thing in common; that getting support was worth it! Read what some of our clients have had to say….