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My name is Melissa Cole. I am an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and clinician in Portland, OR. I have some dear colleagues in Turkey that have asked for my help. The recent earthquake in Turkey was absolutely devastating. Infant feeding and lactation support and education are vital, particularly during times of crisis.

I have been asked to provide clinical training to other lactation and pediatric clinicians, provide direct support to infants and parents, as well as bring needed supplies. My colleague, Prof. Guliz Onat, is helping arrange all local details in Turkey. Guliz is the person in the photo above. She lives and works in Bodrum, Turkey. She herself is a new mother, university professor, and IBCLC.

This volunteer trip is planned for July/August 2023. I wish I could make this volunteer trip happen all on my own, but that is not possible. Airfare to Turkey and being away from my own work practice and family for 1 week is not financially possible without support. I will be donating my time and bringing as many supplies as possible, especially infant feeding and lactation tools the community is requesting.

What can your donation provide??

  • $15 = supplemental nursing system (this is a top requested item from my Turkish colleagues), variety of flange sizes, etc
  • $20 = variety of pump parts, herbal galactagogues, etc
  • $50+ = helps with airfare, teaching materials, transportation to clinical locations, etc
  • For donations over $100, I will provide $30 credit toward any of my online classes

I will post more about this mission, our goals, needed supplies, and an outline of our plan here as details develop. We will be transparent about funds raised and will post updates leading up to and during the volunteer trip. Please help me help babies and families in Turkey during this time of need. Thank you!

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