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You’re Invited!

You are warmly invited to attend the Northwestern Wisconsin Breastfeeding Network Lunch ‘N Learn with speaker Melissa Cole of Luna Lactation & Wellness. Melissa will be speaking on the topic of Common Infant Digestive Health Concerns and Useful Support Strategies.

This session will focus on common concerns regarding infant digestive health and useful support strategies that care providers can incorporate into their work with families. We will discuss what’s normal and what’s not in regard to stooling, spit up/reflux, colic/fussiness, food sensitivities, and more. Many parents are coping with babies that are uncomfortable and unhappy due to digestive health concerns. Dealing with a fussy, uncomfortable baby is emotionally and physically draining. Having a basic understanding of infant gut health and care strategies can be useful tools for any type of practitioner working with infants.

Date: October 27, 2022
Time: 12-1pm CST
Location: Virtual
Fee: $15 early bird registration (by 8/31), $20 after 8/31
Includes 1.0 IBLCE CEU and 1.0 RD CPEU (pending approval)

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