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What are the benefits of a custom herbal blend?

  • Patients who are taking a lot of different capsules can get overwhelmed. An all-in-one liquid blend can simplify the supplement/herbal routine.
  • Liquid blends can be easier to swallow for many individuals. Most of the time you can take with beverage of choice for added ease.
  • Individuals with specific conditions or risk factors often need specific herb combinations, or need to avoid specific herbs. We specialize in creating personalized, safe blends tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
  • Luna Lactation & Wellness can provide custom herbal support to individuals or clinicians.
  • Luna Lactation & Wellness can prepare custom liquid blends and even ship directly!

Luna Lactation & Wellness pricing for custom herbal blends:

• 16 oz blend: $100
• 8 oz blend: $60
• 4 oz blend: $35
• 2 oz blend: $20

30 minute brief herbal consult: $75

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