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In these stressful times, we at Luna Lactation & Wellness are doing our due diligence to stay committed to wellness on all levels. Here’s how:


  • We are a bit compulsive about cleanliness on any given day since we work with new families and babies. However, we have increased our cleaning routine even more for your comfort and safety.
  • We clean every surface, knob, handle, soap pump top, doorbell, etc with disinfectant frequently through the day.
  • All fabric areas are changed and kept sanitary.
  • We even have a UV-C sanitizing wand to keep all surfaces, carpets, etc super germ free (this is way above and beyond even CDC guidelines!)
  • Phones, tablets, keyboards, etc are also kept disinfected frequently.
  • Let’s just say we are keepin’ it clean!!!


  • Please do not attend your appointment if you have a fever, runny nose or intense cough…we will do the same to stay home if ill.
  • We can offer virtual ‘telemedicine’ options for those that can’t come in or prefer not to. Obviously there are some limits when it comes to virtual consults but they can be useful during such times. Just schedule an appointment like usual online and put ‘virtual consult request’ in the notes.

Immune support, anti-viral support

  • At Luna Lactation we specialize in herbal, wellness support for families.
  • We can provide customized guidance and personalized herbal blends if needed for little and big people. We can also ship if needed.
  • Much like hand sanitizer and toilet paper, herbs are also in demand and some particular options are pretty hard to get right now. We are stocking what we can.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions and concerns!