Breastfeeding Supplies & Hospital Grade Pump Rentals

Luna Lactation fully believes that most breastfeeding mothers and babies don’t need anything extra to help with breastfeeding! That being said there are some times when breastfeeding tools are useful in establishing and maintaining the breastfeeding relationship. For mothers in need of assistance, we strongly recommend an appointment with our board-certified lactation consultant before deciding on using a breastfeeding aid or tool.  We offer extremely reasonable rates on all our rental and sale items because we believe all moms should have access to quality breastfeeding support and tools when needed.

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Gift certificates for our services and products are available in any amount. We can provide a digital gift card to your recipient of choice via email through the Square Wallet app. Breastfeeding is the best gift a mother will ever give her child. Showing you support her breastfeeding journey and access to quality care is the best gift you can give!

HOSPITAL-GRADE BREAST PUMPS – We carry a variety of hospital grade pumps for rent because we know different pumps work better for different moms. Please contact us to verify stock on hand. Clients currently working with our lactation consultant will receive priority for pump rentals .

Breast Pumps

Pump Style: Medela Classic

Rental Fee: $20/wk or $50/mos

Kit Price: $45 (converts to hand pump)

Details: This work-horse of a pump is a long time favorite of many lactation consultants.

Pump Style: Medela Lactina

Rental Fee: $20/wk or $50/mos

Kit Price: $45 (converts to hand pump)

Details: This is a great, basic hospital grade pump for frequent use.

Pump Style: Ameda Lact-E

Rental Fee: $20/wk or $50/mos

Kit Price: $30-35 short term kits, $45-55 for long term kits (can be converted to a hand pump w/ additional pieces)

Details: The Lact-E is a very efficient, comfortable pump with excellent auto-cycling.

Pump Style: Ameda Elite and Platinum

Rental Fee: $20/wk or $50/mos

Kit Price: $30 short term kit, $45 for long term kit (can be converted to a hand pump w/ additional pieces)

Details: This pump’s suction and speed can be easily customized by the pump user. Ameda also has a wide variety of flange sizes. The Elite and Platinum pumps are amazingly quiet and effective! These pumps are favorites of many health providers and mothers (our personal favorite too!)

Pump Style: Digital Scale

Rental Fee: $30/mos

Details: Digital scale for tracking baby’s weight. Accurate down to 5g, appropriate for tracking weight gain, not measuring intake.

Note: Hospital-grade pumps, when used with new milk collection kits are safe and effective for multiple users. Personal use pumps are intended for single users only. Read more on pumps on the FDA site. New, personal-use pumps are also available, see “other products” chart below.

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of a rental pump when there is a medical need. We can supply the needed paperwork for you to seek reimbursement. Please check with your individual company.

Other Products

Below is a list of some other products we offer*. For inquiries or purchases, please contact us.

Item: Luna Comfort Care Kit

Price: $45

Notes: Luna Comfort Kits are a one-of-a-kind product that provide therapeutic relief for many causes of breast and nipple soreness. Our unique, anti-microbial, instant breast warmer pads are just what the lactation consultant ordered. Can be ordered here.

Item: Pumpin’ Pals Super Shields

Price: $10

Notes: Pumpin’Pals angled flanges are compatible with most all pumps and make frequent pumping more ergonomic and comfortable.

Item: Herbal Support for Lactation

Price: varies

Notes: We carry products from a variety of lines including: Motherlove Herbals, Savesta, GoLacta, etc.*

Item: Ameda One Handed Manual Pump (sterile)

Price: $25

Notes: Great to have on hand for occasional milk expression. BPA free.

Item: Ameda Custom Breast Flanges (all sizes)

Price: $15

Notes: Fits all Ameda pumps.

Item: Ameda ComfortGel pads

Price: $12 or 2 pairs for $20

Notes: One pair of hydrogel pads for sore nipples/nipple wound healing.* One pair lasts up to 6 days.

Item: Medela Products

Price: varies

Notes: We have a variety of Medela basics like pump flanges, etc. Please contact us if you need something specific. If we do not have an item we can refer you to another local retailer or order it on your behalf.

Item: Ameda Products

Price: varies

Notes: Please ask us about any Ameda item you may need. We stock most all parts and can order any product that you may be in need of.

*We have a variety of basic and specialty feeding tools on hand (nipple shields, SNS, Haberman (special needs) Feeder, herbal support for lactation etc). When using using specialty feeding products we strongly recommend you work with a board certified lactation consultant to ensure proper usage and develop a specific care plan for you and your baby.