Herbal Support for Lactation and Infants
Presented by Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

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Course Description: An intensive workshop designed for birth and health professionals and those involved in the maternal-infant health community. The course is designed to enrich the professional’s understanding of how herbs can be used for lactation and infant issues. Plant medicine around the world has traditionally been an important part of postpartum care for mothers and babies. In this workshop, we will cover herbal care strategies for parental issues such as milk supply concerns, breast and nipple care ideas (engorgement, mastitis, sore/damaged nipples, etc). We will also discuss herbal support for infant issues such as digestive problems (colic, reflux, etc), teething, immune support, sleep, and more.

Participant Testimonial: “Melissa, very informative! I appreciate your advice to start slow, improve my knowledge of three herbs well, rather than minimal knowledge of many. Great detailed information of the lactogenic foods as well.”

As an IBCLC and clinical herbalist, I will empower you so you can:

  • Critically think through herbal care strategies in your practice
  • Know where to find the best herbal safety resources
  • Personalize your herbal suggestions
  • Share confidently about herbal support for supply issues, mood stability, breast/nipple infection and pain, and newborn/child issues like digestion, teething, and immune support.

In my 11 hours of comprehensive instruction you will learn about:

  • How herbs work in the body, therapeutic and physiologic actions of herbs
  • Herb-drug interactions, contraindications and where to find safety information
  • How to easily make herbal goodies that support nutrition and wellness
  • Ways to discuss herbal choices with parents
  • Expanding your clinical ‘toolbox’ to support families with confidence


My name is Melissa Cole.

Providing personalized care so people can make an informed choice about herbal options is what I do. I want to help other health professionals do the same.

I’ve been an IBCLC since 2009 and have a master’s degree in Therapeutic Herbalism. I blend herbal knowledge with evidenced-based clinical care when working with families.

I have worked with thousands of families. I have consulted, taught, and spoken to thousands of lactation and allied health professionals. I love helping families work towards their wellness and feeding goals. I also love teaching and empowering other professionals. I see amazing results with herbs every day in my practice and want to share this knowledge.

Just like you, I work with families dealing with complex feeding issues, underlying wellness or mood concerns, newborn digestive issues, and other health-related challenges every day.

I don’t use herbs in my practice because I personally like them or because they are more natural. I use them because they WORK! I have families who come back again and again for herbal support because they see the results.

I want that for your clients and patients too!


This course includes:

  • 11 recorded modules covering a wide variety of postpartum, lactation, and newborn care topics.
  • A comprehensive handout listing 20 herbs, safety info, common dosing uses that you can easily print or refer to during consultations.
  • A handy reading and resource list.
  • Access to a private Facebook group that allows for ongoing support, learning and connection.
  • App accessibility! Our course will be in your pocket anytime you want to access it via the Kajabi app.
  • 11 IBLCE CERPs


Course Begins: August 1, 2020

Cost: one payment of $325 or three payments of $120 (early bird $275 by 7/15/20), 11 IBLCE CERPs included



Because Luna Lactation & Wellness cares abut social responsibility and justice, we donate a minimum of 5% of our proceeds to our scholarship fund for BIPOC and individuals in need.

Cancellation and Refund Policy – A full refund (minus paypal fees) will be provided if cancellation is requested before 30 days of the event. If you need to cancel your registration within 14-30 days of the event, we will refund you 50% of your registration. Refunds will not be provided if cancellation occurs 0-14 prior to the event. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us ASAP to discuss options.


  • Excellent presentation. It will really help me to refine how I discuss herbal support with my clients.

    Workshop Participant
  • Thank you for an excellent presentation. I am so happy to see a galactagogue talk from an herbalism perspective.

    Workshop Participant
  • Melissa, very informative! I appreciate your advice to start slow, improve my knowledge of three herbs well, rather than minimal knowledge of many. Great detailed information of the lactogenic foods as well.

    Workshop Participant
  • Wonderful presentation, Melissa. I learned a lot. Bookmarked a lot of great resources, too! Thank you.
  • I just wanted to write an email as we are finishing up this course and congratulate you on a job well done. You are really doing such a great service, I love how you answer questions and help your students solve problems and get great quality information. So many ladies who are nursing use herbs and it is really awesome to see someone so competent training. It is great for me too. Lactation is not something that was thoroughly covered in any of my course work as deeply as other subjects and I am happy to take your course and I feel confident if something comes up contacting you for mentoring help since you work in this area so much.

    E.L - Online Course Participant
  • I've enrolled in three webinar courses over the past nine months and several others over the years. This course was excellent. This is what I think you did so well:

    1. Clear focus of the course and clear agenda for each module. This was lactation/infant specific and avoided slipping into more pediatric maladies or maternal general health.
    2. Your weekly video introduction to each module was personal and also set us up for learning specific topics.
    3. Beautiful and clear slides. The photos are lovely, the text was legible and not crowded with information.
    4. The follow up on FB was helpful. I enjoyed being able to share ideas and resources. I felt like I was in a class with an attentive teacher.
    5. The case studies made us put the information into action. I look forward to keeping in touch with the FB group.

    Online Workshop Participant