Tongue and Lip Tie: A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Care – Online Course

Workshop Description:

“Tongue-tie” has become quite a buzz word in some circles and is still quite unknown in others.  Tongue and lip tie can cause restrictions in oral movement that can cause significant difficulty with breastfeeding and, in some instances, other health concerns like dental, digestive and speech issues.  Melissa will present on tongue and lip tie including related health concerns, assessment and treatment strategies and aftercare.

Participant Testimonial: 

“I flew across the country to attend Melissa’s tongue and lip tie course. I had taken such classes with other ankyloglossia experts, but Melissa’s material and opportunities for hands-on assessment practice far surpassed what I’d heard and done before. The information shared and discussed during class was extremely detailed and comprehensive. The small-group format allowed me to ask very specific questions and receive one-on-one feedback. I returned to my private practice as an IBCLC much more confident in my own skills and with vastly more knowledge.”

Note: Melissa is a long-time member of several tongue tie professional groups and organizations.  She has been working for years to increase awareness and professional standards around the topic of oral restrictions such as ankyloglossia.  While tongue and lip tie issues have been somewhat of a hot topic in recent years, there is much more to the subject that needs to be discussed.  Proper evaluation techniques, understanding oral anatomy and pre-post frenotomy support is vital for healthcare professionals to take their knowledge about tongue and lip tie to the next level.

Workshop objectives:

  • A comprehensive understanding of infant oral anatomy
  • Proper clinical evaluation techniques of lingual function
  • Care strategies for pre-and post-frenectomy support

Cost: $45

Length: 90 mins

CERPs: 1.5 IBLCE CERPs included



  • I really enjoyed your presentation, your style and grounded information. I look forward to joining you again. Thank you!

    Workshop Participant
  • You are an amazing speaker. I have learned so much. I did not fully understand how to “diagnose” tongue tie. The difference between posterior or anterior was confusing. I now understand and feel a little more confident to recognize this.

    Workshop Participant
  • I would be happy to hear Melissa speak again on any topic with the breastfeeding dyad. She is a dynamic speaker with a great breadth of knowledge in her scope of practice. Good day!

    Workshop Participant
  • This was the BEST tongue tie course I have put the most important info into an hour. I loved how you communicated and stayed on the research are truly a gift!!

    Online Course Participant
  • The whole presentation was just amazing. From the TT release video to the post care exercises. I loved how you incorporated communication strategies for parents/caregivers because it is hard to paint the picture for parents in a way that informs them appropriately without scaring them. You are amazing to this field, thank you for your dedication.

    Online Course Participant
  • The best tongue-tie presentation I have seen to date (and I have done quite a few!)

    Course Participant