Two-Day Intensive ONLINE Workshop

Day 1: Common Infant Digestive Concerns – September 19, 2020

Day 2: Herbal Support for Lactation and Infants – September 20, 2020

Presented by Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Hosted by: Arizona Breastfeeding Medicine & Wellness

Luna Lactation is working hard to make this course available online. We may include an associated live Q&A session on the event date(s) listed below. Stay tuned for more details!

Course Description:

Day 1: Common Infant Digestive Concerns

This workshop will focus on common infant digestive health concerns and useful support strategies that care providers can incorporate into their work with families. We will discuss what’s normal and what’s not in regards to stooling, spit up/reflux, colic/fussiness, food allergies/sensitivities, and more. Many parents are coping with babies that are uncomfortable and unhappy due to gut health concerns. Dealing with a such a baby is emotionally and physically draining. Having a basic understanding of infant gut health and care strategies that optimize comfort and aid in overall digestive healing can be useful tools for any type of practitioner working with infants.

Workshop objectives: 

After this presentation, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the physiological process of how allergens can pass from mother to baby
  • Identify the differences between sensitivities and allergies
  • Describe the development and importance of the neonatal enteric nervous system
  • Identify care plan ideas for infants coping with food sensitivities/allergies

Day 2: Herbal Support for Lactation and Infants

This course is designed to enrich the professional’s understanding of how herbs can be used for lactation and infant issues. Plant medicine around the world has traditionally been an important part of postpartum care for parents and babies. In this workshop, we will cover herbal care strategies for issues such as milk supply concerns, breast and nipple care ideas (engorgement, mastitis, sore/damaged nipples, etc). We will discuss herbal support for infant issues such as digestive problems, teething, immune support, sleep, and more. We will also cover herbal safety, contraindications, dosing, preparation techniques, and resources.

Workshop objectives: 

After this presentation, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how nutrition and botanical medicine may be needed to support optimal lactation
  • Identify the pharmacodynamics of galactogogues
  • Implement a personalized approach to selecting appropriate galactogogues
  • Locate resources on galactogogues and herbal safety

The presenter, Melissa Cole, is a well-respected lactation consultant and clinical herbalist in the Portland area.  One of Melissa’s goals is to increase the standard of lactation care and botanical knowledge among allied health care providers.

Class size will be kept small so please register early.

Note: 6 L-CERPS for each day will be applied for through IBLCE. Many professional organizations accept IBLCE CEUs. In the past chiropractors, naturopaths, midwives, etc have been able to use our IBLCE-granted CEUs. Please check with your organization to see if you can count IBLCE CEUs towards your own continuing education credits and let us know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates: September 19-20, 2020, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4:30pm

Cost: $325 for both days (early bird $300 by 7/1/20), IBLCE CERPS included, $175 for one day (early bird $150 by 7/1/20)

Location: ONLINE


Cancellation and Refund Policy – A full refund (minus paypal fees) will be provided if cancellation is requested before 30 days of the event. If you need to cancel your registration within 14-30 days of the event, we will refund you 50% of your registration. Refunds will not be provided if cancellation occurs 0-14 prior to the event. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us ASAP to discuss options.

If the workshop has been cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID-19, no refund can be issued at this time. A future class credit will be offered, and some classes will be offered in online formats in the future.

Families and Babies – We are committed to providing a conducive learning environment for all attendees. Quiet infants in arms and non-separating children are welcome. Please be respectful to other attendees and step out of the room to meet your child’s needs if noise is a concern. There is plenty of space for feeding/parenting/milk expression needs, please ask us if you need certain accommodations.


  • I flew across the country to attend Melissa’s tongue and lip tie course. I had taken such classes with other ankyloglossia experts, but Melissa’s material and opportunities for hands-on assessment practice far surpassed what I’d heard and done before. The information shared and discussed during class was extremely detailed and comprehensive. The small-group format allowed me to ask very specific questions and receive one-on-one feedback. I returned to my private practice as an IBCLC much more confident in my own skills and with vastly more knowledge.

    N.G – IBCLC, 2017
  • I enjoyed having the hands on experience and families. I feel so much more confident with oral assessment and found that understanding oral strength was eye opening.

    Workshop Participant
  • This was a wonderful learning experience. Thank you so much. Was wonderful to see Real Babies!! Thank you!!

    Workshop Participant
  • Excellent training. I feel so much more confident about what to look for – especially by comparing ‘healthy babies’ in order to recognize muscle weakness in addition to tongue tie. Group size was good.

    Workshop Participant
  • I really enjoyed your presentation, your style and grounded information. I look forward to joining you again. Thank you!

    Workshop Participant
  • You are an amazing speaker. I have learned so much. I did not fully understand how to “diagnose” tongue tie. The difference between posterior or anterior was confusing. I now understand and feel a little more confident to recognize this.

    Workshop Participant
  • I would be happy to hear Melissa speak again on any topic with the breastfeeding dyad. She is a dynamic speaker with a great breadth of knowledge in her scope of practice. Good day!

    Workshop Participant
  • Excellent presentation. It will really help me to refine how I discuss herbal support with my clients.

    Workshop Participant
  • Thank you for an excellent presentation. I am so happy to see a galactagogue talk from an herbalism perspective.

    Workshop Participant
  • Melissa, very informative! I appreciate your advice to start slow, improve my knowledge of three herbs well, rather than minimal knowledge of many. Great detailed information of the lactogenic foods as well.

    Workshop Participant