Clients’ Stories

Every family has their own breastfeeding experience to share. Sharing these stories of breastfeeding joys and challenges is both helpful and healing. We thank the families that have given us permission to share their experiences.

If you have a story to share, let us know!

Mandy’s Story – A story of tongue tie, perseverance and success

Rowan’s Milk – A story of milk donation after infant loss

Lynn Ann’s Story – From Bad Advice to Sweet Success, (tongue tie)

Nicole’s Story – Challenges, Pumping, Working, Abscess and More!

Ruth’s Story – Trial to Triumph – A story of a NICU stay, feeding issues and triumph

Emily’s Story – Low Milk Supply and a Happy Ending (insufficient glandular tissue, supplementation)

Spring’s Story – From Tears to Trust (challenges galore and the eventual ability to trust how breastfeeding was going)

Elena’s Story – Parent-to-parent encouragment for those coping with a tongue tied baby

Kim’s Story – One parent’s story of working through low milk supply challenges, her 0-4 mos issues and 5-8 mos issues

Jessica’s Story – Bottle-refusal stresses a new parent returning to work and ultimately feeding success