Drop-in time 10/16

Just a note… There will be a drop-in time as usual on Monday 10/16/17 from 10-11:30 AM. Melissa Cole will be out of the office that day for a work conference but her awesome assistant, Sarah, and be there to help with weight checks and product pickup. If you have specific clinical questions or need a custom tincture, Melissa will be back on 10/23 for drop-in. Thanks!

No drop in 8/21/17 and 9/4/17

Just a note to say there will be no drop in time on 8/21/17 or 9/4/17. We are unsure what traffic conditions will be like for families 8/21 due to the eclipse eclipse. We’d rather you stay safe with your little ones! We will also be closed Labor Day 9/4, enjoy time with your families! Do let us know if you need to pick up any supplies urgently. Thank you for understanding.

New Items + Clearance Sale

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather. We have a few new products in the office to share about: New amber teething necklaces ($18-20). Not only are the necklaces adorable and high quality…they are effective! We also fell in love with “InstaTemp’ thermometers ($38). These no touch thermometers can read a temperature quickly with just a scan of the forehead. Easy Peasy! We also have several clearance items left ($1 and up). There are Ameda products, pumping and nursing bras, babywearing items and more. Do swing by our drop in hours Mondays 10-11:30 AM if you need anything!

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Baby ‘models’ needed for clinical workshop on 8/12 and 8/13

Luna Lactation is hosting a workshop for clinicians interested in learning more about oral restrictions such as tongue and lip tie.  One objective of the workshop is for participants to hone their assessment skills. For this task, working with real mothers and babies is an extremely useful learning strategy. If your infant is dealing with feeding concerns, particularly oral issues that may or may not be related to restrictions of the lip or tongue, we would love to hear from you! The assessment is free for families, and invaluable for attendees! We are hoping to have mother-baby pairs on Saturday and Sunday, August 12 and 13th between the hours of two and 4:30 PM. We would most likely need 30 min. of your time on either of these days. Please feel free to contact us if you are able to bring in your infant (ideally age 0-6 mos) for assessment. All assessments will be supervised by Melissa Cole, MS, IBCLC. Contact us at support@lunalactation.com

March 2018 Tongue Tie Workshop for Professionals


Tongue and Lip Tie: A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment and Care

“Tongue-tie” has become quite a buzz word in some circles and is still quite unknown in others.  Tongue and lip tie can cause causing restrictions in oral movement that can cause significant difficulty with breastfeeding and, in some instances, other health concerns like dental, digestive and speech issues.  Melissa will present on tongue and lip tie including related health concerns, assessment and treatment strategies and aftercare. This workshop is excellent for anyone that clinically assesses infants, works with feeding issues, and/or provides lactation care. We will have hands-on time evaluating oral anatomy and function, review case studies, watch video and have plenty of time for in-depth discussion. We hope you can join us for an in depth weekend of tongue and lip tie related learning!

Note: Melissa is a long-time member of several tongue tie professional groups and organizations.  She has been working for years to increase awareness and professional standards around the topic of oral restrictions such as ankyloglossia.  While tongue and lip tie issues have been somewhat of a hot topic in recent years, there is much more to the subject that needs to be discussed.  Proper evaluation techniques, understanding oral anatomy and pre-post frenotomy support is vital for healthcare professionals to take their knowledge about tongue and lip tie to the next level.

Workshop objectives

After this presentation,learners will be able to:

  • Identify and assess restrictions of the lingual and labial frenulum in babies
  • Identify unique issues and implement targeted care strategies for dyads pre and post frenotomy
  • Understand the collaboration and team work involved when dealing with oral restrictions
  • Identify community resources and advocacy issues regarding tongue and lip tie concerns
  • Implement care for the dyad that is unique to the HCPs health care profession and SOP

Light snacks provided both days. Class size will be kept small so please register early.

COURSE LOCATION: Luna Lactation’s NW PDX office, details will be sent with registration.

*10 hours of L-CERPS (CEUs) will be applied for both IBLCE and Oregon Midwifery Council

* The hours from our workshops are usually accepted by DONA and other doula-certifying agencies, Oregon chiropractors and naturopaths have also been able to use our CEUs in the past but we can’t guarantee all certifying boards will.

If you are coming in from out of town there are several close hotels (Silver Cloud Inn, Northtrup Inn, Holiday Inn) and plenty of shops, stores and restaurants in the area all within walking distance.

Upcoming Dates:

Register here:

August 12-13, 2017 (This class is currently full. Please email us to be on a wait list)

March 24-25, 2018 REGISTRATION OPEN


Cost: Registration: $300 (early bird $275), IBLCE CERPS if approved will be included, Oregon Midwifery Council CEUs if approved will be $10 extra.


December 2017 Lactation Workshop for Birth Professionals



Lactation Intensive Workshop for Birth and Health Professionals

Presented by Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC

Course Description: A two-day intensive workshop designed for birth professionals and those involved in the maternal-infant health community. The course is designed to update and enrich the professional’s understanding of lactation issues and provide strategies useful in assisting the breastfeeding dyad. Topics to be covered include: lactation concerns in pregnancy/birth/early postpartum, new thoughts on positioning and latch, milk supply and supplementation issues, maternal nipple pain, holistic lactation care ideas, gut and digestive health, tongue/lip tie, structural/respiratory issues that impact feeding and more. This workshop will present the most current updates in the field of lactation, allow time for case study review and provide attendees will receive ample resources that they can apply to their own practice.

The presenter, Melissa Cole, is a well-respected lactation consultant and clinical instructor in the Portland area.  One of Melissa’s goals is to increase the standard of lactation care amongst allied health care providers and foster awareness regarding key clinical issues.

Light snacks provided both days. Class size will be kept small so please register early.

COURSE LOCATION: Luna Lactation’s NW PDX office, details will be sent with registration.

We hope you will consider joining us for an exciting and enriching weekend!

 *10 L-CERPS approved by IBLCE, 10 hr CEUs to be applied for through Oregon Midwifery Council

* The hours from this workshop are accepted by DONA and other doula-certifying agencies, OR chiropractors and naturopaths have also been able to use CEUs from this course in the past.

Upcoming Dates:

December 2-3, 2017 Registration Open

Cost: Registration: $275 (early bird $250 by 3/15/17), IBLCE CERPS included, 10-L hours, Oregon Midwifery Council CEUs $10 extra.

Hospital Grade Rental Breast Pumps

Luna Lactation is pleased to have hospital grade rental breast pumps for families that need them. Hospital grade pumps are often more effective than personal-use pumps.

Some reasons a mother may want to try a hospital grade pump:

  • Pumping more than 2-4 x/day
  • Pumping for a premature baby, multiple babies
  • Not responding well to a personal use pump
  • Feels that pumping takes a long time
  • Feeling sore when pumping with personal use pump
  • Needing to completely drain breasts to boost milk supply in some cases

We rent hospital grade pumps for $20/week or $50/month. While this price is lower than the average rate (avg $75/month) elsewhere, we want families to have access to a quality pump when they need one! You can see some of our pumps on our supplies page. Please let us know if you have any questions!



Consider posting a review to help other families!

I am always surprised when families let me know they found out about Luna Lactation and Wellness though Yelp. Personally, I use Yelp and other review sites for all sorts of things. I just know when a family is looking online for reviews about lactation care it often means they have been up pretty late feeling pretty desperate for quality lactation and feeding support!!! Reading about others’experience of care can really help a family decide which practice or provider is a good fit for them. If you have been supported by Luna Lactation and Wellness, please do consider posting a review so that other families needing help can learn more. Thanks!


Clearance sale!!!

Spring cleaning has begun at Luna Lactation and Wellness.  We have decided to clear out some inventory and hope you’ll swing by to grab up some amazing deals. There is a brand new, in the box, Ameda Purely Yours pump (originally $175, now $100), nursing bras (were $35-50, now $15-25), some babywearing tops by Precious Image Creations (were $60, now $20), Baby Bundler wraps (were $50 now $38), a variety of Earth Mama Angel Baby goodies and more!!! All clearance sales are final. The best time to shop is during our Monday drop ins 10-11:30 AM. We’ll continue adding to the sale pile so swing by any Monday during drop in. Hope to see you there.

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